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We have built solid relationships over the last two decades with the most cutting-edge factories in the US. Our mission is to facilitate the introduction of this premier technology to our counterparts in international markets, especially the Middle East, as well as Japan, the Virgin Islands and beyond. We handle all aspects of your project, from quotes to shipping. We are always in search of new markets to expand into.

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Delta’s groundbreaking industrial HDPE Cooling Tower System is corrosion proof, increasing its lifecycle and eliminating concern for maintenance and replacement downtime. Lightweight, high-capacity, low noise, save H2O.

Carver is dedicated to building American-made centrifugal pumps with military-grade precision to accommodate highly developed specifications. Built for purpose, ISO-certified, and made to last — the best value in the industry.

Extrol ASME commercial expansion tanks are designed to control pressure in closed hydronic heating & cooling systems. Available in diaphragm, partial acceptance bladder and full acceptance bladder designs, these tanks range in size from 6.4 gallons

Amtrol ASME tangential air separators are designed to create a low velocity vortex that separates and removes entrained air from fluids circulating in closed, heating and chilled water systems. Available in 1” to 24” sizes with optional stainless steel strainer

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“Our vision is to supply International Markets like the Middle East, Japan, the Virgin Islands and beyond with only the best engineered products and services”

Mohammad Alkarmi, President/CEO

Limitless International is headed by Mohammad Alkarmi, BS Engineering and Member of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), who has 20 years of experience as a Manufacturer Representative.

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