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Our Featured Projects

Veolia Water Solutions and Technology (Saudi Arabia)

We have supplied several cooling towers to Veolia in Saudi Arabia throughout the years. The unique design and exceptional warranty of our products helped us establish a long-lasting business relationship with Veolia.

Sulfur Palletizing Package Unit to Saudi Aramco (Saudi Arabia) through Matrix PDM Engineering

We supplied our cooling towers to Saudi Aramco through Matrix PDM Engineering, the unique HDPE design of Delta Cooling Towers makes it the best choice for cooling towers in the Middle East, where high temperature combined with high humidity would prevent most metal cooling towers from lasting long because they would rust and erode easily.

Al Tayar Plastic Factory (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)

As a plastic factory, Al Tayar were looking for a long lasting product to help with their expansion. We were chosen for this project as we provided the best energy solution with the lowest energy/water consumption and the best environmental products.

Saudi German Hospital (Mekkah, Saudi Arabia)

The use of our Anti-Microbial cooling towers was requested in this project by the hospital management; our Anti-Microbial cooling towers have been well received in the healthcare industry in order to prevent Legionella disease and other microbes.

SKM Factory (Sharjah, United Arab Emirates)

As one of the biggest chiller’s manufacturers in the UAE, SKM made a wise decision partnering with Limitless International to supply Delta Cooling Towers to their factory in Sharjah, UAE. Cooling Towers play essential rule in the HVAC industry and we are proud of having our products installed at the SKM Factory.


Our HDPE Structure is the best solution for cooling towers being installed next to the beach as the HDPE material is very resistant to sea water applications and salt air atmosphere compared to the conventional metal cooling towers which will corrode and rust easily in this environment.

Misawa Air Base Edgren High School (Misawa, Japan)

We partnered with NES Pacific in Japan to be part of the renovation project for the Misawa Air Base Military High School. We supplied our Made in the USA Cooling Tower to this essential project.

10,000 L Buffer Tank to Saudi SDN Water and Technology (Saudi Arabia)

Al-Ghanaem Industrial Company (Kuwait)

Our cooling towers were supplied to the Cement factory for Al-Ghanaem in Kuwait.

General Company for Water and Beverages (Qatar)

Taqa Pilot Project (United Arab Emirates)

WETICO (Saudi Arabia)

WETICO is one of the leading companies in Saudi Arabis for Water Treatment Plants and we are proud of our partnership with WETICO throughout the years. We have supplied our products to several project for WETICO in Saudi Arabia.