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Industrial Pumps

Industrial Pumps by Carver Pumps

Industrial Pumps by Carver Pumps

Carver is dedicated to building American-made pumps with military-grade precision to accommodate highly developed specifications. Since they built their first pumps in 1938, the Carver name has become synonymous with value. Today they are recognized as one of the world’s leading centrifugal pump companies, that engineers to the most demanding specifications and provides unrivaled service and support.

Industrial Pump Key Features

Since 1938

Over 80 years of excellence and recognition as the best value in centrifugal pumps

The Highest Standards

Built to meet the most demanding engineering and military grade specifications in the world.

Made in USA

3rd generation family ownership

ISO Certification

Certified by Intertek to conform to ISO 9001:2015.

Commitment to Quality

The best hardware, superior customer service, and leading-edge R&D

Featured Projects

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