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Cooling Towers

Cooling Towers by Delta Cooling

Delta: Technology Leading Cooling Tower Manufacturer in the U.S.

Delta manufactures a totally SEAMLESS cooling tower.  Delta towers are the only large packaged cooling towers in the industry that have a “one-piece” shell.  This means there are no seams, panels, rivets, or hundreds of fasteners to fail or compromise the performance or integrity of the product.  Delta provides a 20 YEAR WARRANTY on the cooling towers structural shell. In addition, Delta’s cooling tower motors have a 5 year warranty.  Delta’s TM Series™ induced draft, counter flow design is available in single unit capacities from 250 to 2,500 cooling tons.

Cooling Tower Key Features

Corrosion Proof & Seamless Cooling

Our towers contain one piece, shell or casing, eliminating issues with seams, welds, and patches. They are therefore rust and corrosion proof and endure longer lifecycles.

Durable and Low Maintenance

Our overall maintenance is minimal and the tower shell does not require preventive maintenance which lowers cost and expensive downtime. The benefits are extraordinary!


According to test results from Special Pathogens Laboratory®, The Legionella Experts®, our tower displays the only Anti-Microbial efficacy against Legionella bacteria out of all the common cooling tower materials.

CTI Certified

Delta Cooling Towers are CTI Certified and ASHRAE 90.1 Compliant.

20 Years Manufacturer Warranty

Delta Cooling Towers provides 20 years warranty on the cooling towers structural shell and 5 years warranty on the electrical motors

Innovative Plastic Material

Lightweight, high-capacity, and low maintenance and downtime. These attributes contribute to highly efficient operation throughout the tower’s lifespan.

Save H2O

Water chemistries and engineered plastic cooling towers combined translate into an extremely effective solution to water conservation as well as cost savings.

Low Sound & Other Special Options

The noise pollution of commercial HVAC equipment has become a problem for communities. Delta Cooling Towers are unrivaled in providing silencing and other solutions.

Featured Projects

Limitless International Corp is currently the only international exporter of Delta’s HDPE CTI-Certified corrosion-proof Cooling Towers.