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Water Heaters

Water Heaters by RECO USA

Water Heaters by RECO USA

Since they built their first tank over 100 years ago, the RECO USA name has been synonymous with quality. Today they are recognized as one of the country’s leading suppliers of water heaters and storage vessels, building to some of the most demanding engineering standards in the world. They build products for the commercial, institutional, industrial, pulp & paper, oil & gas, power generation, and chemical industries.

Water Heaters Key Features

Custom Designs

To fit virtually any specification, both specialty fabrications and repeat standard designs

ASME Certification

ASME Constructed & Stamped Vessels

750 Ton Brake Press

Up to 120 tons weight, 40 ton lift capacity, hydrostatic testing to 2,000 PSIG

100 Years+ of Excellence

And current staff has over 130 years of combined experience

15-Acre Site

125,000 sq. ft. floor space and access to rail, three highways & two ocean ports

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